The lifeblood of Filomaestro carpets is a hi-tech fiber.
In view of its exceptional qualities and extreme versatility, MOTEXAL focused on using this fiber and transforming it into a textile yarn, a new yarn, with the precise intent of creating designer carpets which constitute an absolute innovation both in functional and aesthetic terms. This yarn conserves all the physical and mechanical characteristics of the original fiber and is enriched by truly unique visual properties.


A continuous multifilament yarn, BCF (bulk continuous filament), with a total dimension, expressed in units of measure called decitex, at least five times higher than maximum dimensions available on the market. Thanks to its innovative and patented spinning plant, Filomaestro produces its own multifilament yarn in PA6.6, of up to 10,000 decitex. Significantly, conventional and traditional production techniques mean that the market offers multifilaments in PA6.6 of no more than 1500 decitex. This special technique enables Filomaestro looms to weave the carpet in warp and weft without using multifilaments treated by means of the twisting process which involves the coupling of several yarn layers to achieve desired density for fabric flooring.


The twisting process is commonly used by competitors to obtain a multifilament with a total dimension that is modulable and big enough to confer desired consistency upon the fabric. However, this subjects material to mechanical stress and more importantly, results in a classic twisted look which inevitably makes it stiffer, less elastic and shiny.


Thanks to previously described characteristics, part of the weft can be uncovered during the weaving process, placing weft and warp on two different dimensional level, bas-relief and high relief respectively, conferring extraordinary three-dimensionality and visual dynamism upon the end product.


Matched with a captivating look of exceptional beauty, Filomaestro flooring fabric is highly resistant, resilient, durable and dimensionally stable.

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