We are proud to present our collection. It was born from the intuition and the creativity of Caterina Bilabini, a versatile artist and researcher that constantly creates expressive forms and new meanings.

We called it “The First Collection”, not just because it is the first in number but because our search is never ending.

The Filomaestro collection is made of four different lines: “Design”, “Minimal”, “Classic”, “Flowers”.

We are not going to comment any further: the images will talk instead.

Beside the images though, we would like to add something important.

We have mentioned that our thread has unique characteristics.
Thanks to which we could say that our collection is IN&OUTDOOR.

Because it is ideal for internal spaces – and this not a novelty considering - but it is also suitable for outdoor.

And this is more than a novelty, it is a new philosophy called “Inspiring Carpeting”.

It is made of Free Inspiration.

Ours, as creators of these special carpets.

Yours, as users that for the first time with no limitation you can choose where and how to use them.


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